A walk down memory lane

In July 2013 the most horrible thing in the world happened.

My computer crashed and I lost everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. 3 years worth of pictures following my College life, including travels abroad and the most unforgettable times gone in an instant. Every single document I ever wrote also disappeared. Ever since, I back up everything I have on an external drive and I cannot stress enough how important it is to do that. In a world where “developing pictures” are a thing of the past and now considered “vintage”, it is of the essence to save every moment you capture and lord knows we capture a lot.

While thinking of different concepts and types of posts I would upload to this blog, I realized that I could retrieve a relatively large portion of those photos from social networks. I saved almost everything I have ever uploaded over time and I would like to share with you some of my REALLY old looks and outfits over the last two years.

Hope you enjoy them! I certainly did. And by that I mean I spent an antire afternoon laughing at myself and my previous fashion faux pas. Which is fine to be honest. If you ever look back at your old photos and laugh- that’s great because it means that you attempted to be experimental and came out of your comfort zone. So kudos to all of us!





One thought on “A walk down memory lane

  1. I’m glad you were able to recover some of your photos Dina, I know how it feels to lose stuff when your computer dies. It happened to me once I, like you, learned the lesson of backing up the hard way 🙂

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