Corfu and a bit of Thessaloniki



I’ve been so bad with keeping up with this blog, I promise I’ll do better! This summer has been a whirlwind to be hoenst. I’ve been to a lot of places, I’ve travelled around and yet I still want to visit more places! Summer is never long enough for me. In July, two of my friends came to Thessaloniki and stayed with me for a few days and then we went off to Corfu! The island is where my boyfriend’s family is from and it was absolutely breath taking. It was also the first island I’ve ever been on but after this trip, definitely not the last! Here are a few photos from Thessaloniki and Corfu. Everyone who has not been to Corfu HAS TO GO.



Love, Dina


Me in Menta Cafe in Thessaloniki. One of the most beautifully hidden secrets of the city


Being a poser in the Akrotiri Cafe/Bar in Arillas, Corfu. The best view in the world. Great place for breakfast or a wedding!


The love of my life and I in Corfu town, Corfu


Dinner at Taverna Ilias just next to where we stayed


Pigging out in Thessaloniki!


Kung fu fighting in Corfu


Cafe Kanoni in Corfu Town


Achileon Palace in Corfu

Summer Trends

This summer has to be one of my favorites with regards to the current trends. It’s all about being minimalist with pops of color on your accessories, shoes or bags. This summer’s trends are also great because you might not actually need to buy anything new, you could probably find most things in your closet already! Or even rummage through your mom’s closet because there are a lot of 90s accents for this summer. Postman bags, crop tops, midi skirts, long skirts and round glasses.

1. Crop Tops

croptop collage

2. Colorful Bags


3. Boyfriend Jeans


4. Metallic Details/Accessories


5. Midi skirts




7. And don’t forget :


That’s all from me dear readers! And remember : Dress wisely and always, ALWAYS take off one piece of accessory before you leave the house!

“You stay classy, San Diego” – The Anchorman

Dina R.